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 Welcome To Loisstores   

The online store of A Younger You Skin Care Center.  Most of the skincare products sold have active ingredients used by professionals.  Moisturizers to hydrate dry skin or control oily skin.  Serums to slow down the effects of aging and repair sun damage skin.   

 Shop and buy skincare products to DIY facial.  

Woman using lighttim beauty toolTake a minute to read what I think are helpful skincare tips or watch a makeup tutorial video.  I add and up-date videos monthly.

Featured skincare products sold on Loisstores:

  • Neova Smartskincare
  • Osmosis +Pur Medical Skincare
  • Rhonda Allison Skin Care
  • Saian Natural Clinical
  • Chamille Beckman

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 Not sure which skincare product you should use  for your skin type and condition; or you need help with your skincare routine.   Use the  "Message Us"  button for assistance.  

 Local residents of Aiken, SC, take advantage of  the "Professional Aesthetics Assistance Program" .  Learn how to develop your personal skin care routine using active skin care product from an experienced license skin care specialist.  

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Neova 3 pcs Glow MakerNeova 3 pcs Glow Maker

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Osmosis Product Link


 Loisstores has made it possible for you to access Osmosis +Pur Medical Skincare line. You can buy  Osmosis products directly from Osmosis  +Pur Medical Skincare’s secure website from the comfort of your home.   Follow this link

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Exotica Rhodiola

$ 63.00
A luxury "treatment" moisturizer, Exotica Rhodiola is an exotic, healthy-aging treatment therapy. The age-reducing formula is a blend of very exotic, superbly developed specialty extracts that have potent youth-oriented properties. Targeting inflammation, strengthening the protective barrier, providing cutaneous antioxidant action, and providing nourishment for skin cell renewal, Exotica Rhodiola is a perfect choice for...

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