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Attention Equestrians

Anti-aging Sensitive Skin Skin Care Tips Sun Damage Sunscreen


Beautiful rider and horse



A beautiful horse and Equestrian with beautiful skin.





Or ….Does this describe your skin?

🐎Sensitive red blotchy cheeks?

🐎Is your skin dry and lifeless looking, with small blackheads and you have periodic pimple breakouts?

🐎You have small congested bumps on your forehead from your helmet or small bumps your chin from your chin strap?

If you answered Yes.  ✔️

Sorry to say, you have several skin  problems occuring at the same time and you have to address each one separately.  

In this article I'll give you a few tips or solutions to help solve your problems.   No, you won’t have to stay in the bathroom for hours, anyway who has time these days.

First of all and most importantly you, MUST wear a sunscreen and a moisturizer.  

Now, I hear you complaining, sunscreen makes your skin feel yucky and greasy.

Well, my dear, you are using the WRONG sunscreen.  Remember when you first started riding. You had to learn how to use your legs and feet. It's the same with sunscreen.  There are so many on the market today, you may have to try a few before you find one your skin likes.  

But, if you take the time now to locate a good one.  You’ll have less sun damage, i.e. lines and wrinkles, you’ll have to correct later in life.  

Other preventable skin damage symptom's; Botchy Red Cheeks.   Red rosy cheeks may look good on an infant but on a mature adult it’s not so flattering.

Dry lifeless skin with breakouts?

You’re asking yourself, if I have dry skin, then why I’m I breaking out.    Well’s here’s what’s going on.  Your skin normally sheds dead cells. 

In fact, humans shed their entire outer layer of skin every 2-4 weeks at the rate of 0.001 – 0.003 ounces of skin flakes every hour, according to  ACS, Chemistry For Life.   

The lack of moisture within your skin cells, slows down this natural shedding process.  As a result, dead cells can clog pores by mixing with your sebum, your body’s natural oil.  Causing the pore to become congested with the mixture and developing into a small pimple or blackhead.  In addition to the fact, you’re around a dusty barn or riding on a dirt trail, no wonder dirt gets trapped in your pores.

How do you repair and protect “rider’s skin care concerns”? 

A Good Skincare Regiment

As I stated earlier, use a sunscreen daily and reapplying in every two to three hours. 

  • Use a creamy cleanser, with a good PH balance.
  • Use a toner with soothing and hydrating ingredients.

Skincare Tip:

You can use your toner to wipe off excess dust or dirt from your face during the day, then reapply your sun protection.  Spray your toner on a wet cotton pad.  Keep a supply at the barn in a small baggy.

  • Apply serums.  Use serums that improve or increase your “lipid” it’s the good stuff in your sebum. Squalane is an excellent ingredient to look for.
  • Gently exfoliate.   Instead of using a harsh manual exfoliant, switch to an enzyme instead.  Enzymes dissolve dead cells leaving the live ones untouched.  This will cause less irritation for skin already suffering from wind burn. 
  • Use a good hydrating moisturizer.   look for lipid rich ingredients, such as, squalane, shea butter, hyaluronic, vitamin E, grape seed oil, lipoic acid, aloe Vera, omega 6 EFA’s or pumpkin oil.

Get a Professional Facial

  • Finally, get a good pore cleansing and skin repair facial. Remember,  one facial will not undo years of neglect.  But with regular treatments you will look ALMOST as good as your horse.

Contact me at 803 747-2255 to schedule a facial appointment or if you would like additional information about the best way to care for “rider’s skin”.



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