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Eczema Sensitive Skin Type

Dry Skin eczema Sensitive Skin Serums

This type of sensitive skin can be found on any body area, but is most common in areas where oil production is low, such as the upper back, lower arms and lower legs.

To keep your eczema under control  it helps to be aware of your triggers.  It could be dry skin, irritants, allergens or stress.     

Avoid wool and itchy fabrics , dress in soft, breathable clothing.

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Relax...Learn to use stress management techniques.


A good skin care routine can make your eczema manageable.  

The most common cause of eczema is, washing the skin frequently with a strong cleanse.


  • Decrease the frequency of bathing
  • Use cooler water
  • Take shorter baths
  • Switching to a mild body wash
  • Avoid strong deodorant bar soap

Eczema sensitive skin types at times reflect an uncomfortable inflammation, flaky, dry skin with a comprised skin barrier.

Nourishing topical serums to help relieve facial eczema symptoms.  

Use Hyaluronic Serum to increase hydration.

To help reduce inflammation and irritation apply Drop Of Essence Drops daily.

To protect skin's barrier and soothe dry skin add Neova Squalane

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