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Over The Counter Products vs Professional Cosmeceutical Products

Anti-aging Lines & Wrinkles Sun Damage

There are a lot of OTC (over-the-counter)  skin care products.  Since OTC products must fit most skins, active ingredients are excluded and often contain inactive compounds, fragrances and preservatives. 

Why I recommend and use Professional Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products!

 OTC products vs Cosmeceutical Products 

Purchase your professional cosmeceutical skin care line  from Loisstores or contact  Lois at A Younger You Skin Care Center  803 747-2255

 What makes a skin care product cosmeceutical? 

Cosmeceutical  -  skin care products that have medicinal or drug-like benefits

Even if you do use a professional line, you still have to select your skin care product according to your skin’s needs.   Selecting incorrect ingredients or using an ingredient that is unnecessary or ineffective is a waste of  your money.

Three Reasons to Use Professional Aesthetic Help

  1. Seasonal Changes -   Skin care problems produced in the hot  summer months are not the same ones caused by the cold winter months.  The harsh cold winter months bring out entirely different changes in the skin.
  2. Skin Balance & Health Changes -   Depending on your age, lifestyle, and sun damage; you will have a new layer of skin,  approximately 30 —  90 days.   You should adjust your products to your skin’s needs and condition.
  3. Skin Care Product Trainer -  Remember Consistency Is Important     -  Exercising one day will not give you a sculpted toned body.   The same is true for your skin, the best home skin care routine will not work if you are not consistent or using your product investment correctly.

    With my Professional Aesthetics Assistance Services

    You get 20 years of aesthetic experience to help you build an effective skin care maintenance program.  You’ll also receive help with your skin care product questions. Consider me you skin care coach and mentor.   Make Your appointment today  803 747-2255

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