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Rhonda Allison MVC Nutritional Serum - A synergy approach to slow down aging

Anti-aging Facial Serums Sun Damage vitamin C

Invest In Your Future Skin..... 

Add Rhonda Allison MVC Serum to your home care routine.

UV Sun DamageYour skin reacts to environmental damage long before you see the visible results.  Dark spots or fine lines & wrinkles around your eyes should not be the signal for you to start taking care of your skin.  If you enjoy outdoor activity, you are exposing your skin to free radicals caused by UV radiation.  Even when you do protect your skin with sunscreen, a small percentage of free radical creation will occur.  Your tan is your skin response to the UV damaged.  The tan is a signal that destruction of your skin’s collagen and elastin has begun.

Extrinsic aging (environmental) does not happen overnight, nor will one sunburn or one day exposing you skin to UV radiation without sunscreen make for older-looking, wrinkled sagging skin.  It’s the repeated doses of UVA/UVB radiation.  In addition to sun exposure and free radical damage, other environmental factors are involved.  Your lifestyle, diet, emotional and physical health has as an impact on how your skin ages.  

young & old skin side view

Rhonda Allison  Facial MVC Serum

Take steps now to keep your skin strong and  healthy.  Provide your skin daily nutrients
in the form of an active serum to counteract environmental damage.  Rhonda Allison MVC facial serum is a multi-vitamin serum blend of vitamin B,C,E and K with additional antioxidants. 

Young skin tends to be more elastic and thicker, however as skin ages it becomes thinner, less fibrous as the amount of collagen decreases and changes the elastic foundation.

All the below ingredients recommended for a healthy fibroblast.   Sustaining a healthy fibroblast is an important key to maintaining  youthful  skin.                     

Ingredient Highlights and Benefits:

Vitamin C  -   Powerful Antioxidant, free radical scavenger and natural skin lightener

Hyaluronic Acid —  Adds and helps maintain hydration

Selenium  -   Antioxidant to neutralizes free radicals 

Proline  -          Proline is an amino acid that helps create healthy cells for the production of collagen and prevents its loss.  It also promotes firmer skin, reduces sagging and wrinkles skin due to UV exposure.  Synergy approach to slow down aging  -  helps heal skin and aids vitamin C with free radical control

Panthenol   -  Vitamin B5 to strengthen skin

Carnosine  -  prevents glycation (cell breakdown)

Resveratrol   -  Resveratrol is unique antioxidant it functions as an antioxidant in several ways.  It serves as a free radical scavenger,  works synergistically with vitamin E to stabilized cell membranes and prevent lipid peroxidation.

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Rhonda Allison MVC Serum

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