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Skin Care Tips — Peptides

Vitamin C in the Morning - Vitamin A at Night

Aging Skin Anti-aging Antioxidants Free Radicals Peptides Serums Skin Care Tips Sun Damage vitamin A vitamin C

  You should get your daily dose of topical vitamin A and vitamin C in a facial serum.   What are facial serums?  Serums are concentrated skin care ingredients.   You apply your serums on clean skin before your moisturizer or sunscreen. They may contain nutrients, antioxidants or cell-communicating ingredients such as peptides. Antioxidant Good  -  Free Radicals Bad Free radicals are produced by UV rays,they help destroy our  youthful look, they prematurely age your skin.  Antioxidants in your skin care products is a strong defense against slowing down the signs of aging Vitamin C Helps repair UV damage Protects collagen & elastin proteins Provides additional...

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Anti-aging Steps To Minimizing Wrinkles

Anti-aging Antioxidants Lines & Wrinkles Peptides Retinol Skin Care Tips Sun Damage Sunscreen UVA/UVB

The most important thing is to take care of your skin before changes start to take place.   The cause of lines around the mouth is typically a combination of sun exposure and years of movement.    An estimated 80% of visible facial aging is due to chronic UV exposure.Topical antiaging treatments are more effective for fine lines.To reduce the appearance of the fine mouth lines you already have,  Dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz, MD ,  recommended applying a daily moisturizer and hydrating products to the area to “puff up” the skin to help replace some of the volume lost from collagen damage.   Next, use...

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