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Barrier Repair Facial

Why A Healthy Skin Barrier Is Important?

Barrier Repair Facial

Your skin barrier is a defense layer or shield against outside irritants, such as environment pollutants, UV damage, infection and toxic chemicals.  When your skin barrier is working correctly and balanced, its ability to maintain good hydration and elasticity is more evident.  A thin, weak or damaged skin barrier allows irritates to penetrate easily.  Having a strong surface layer is important to reducing skin sensitivity.  

Skin permeability barrier function is a self-regulatory system, predetermined to stay hydrated.  When there is not enough moisture present, your skin will over correct by producing more oil.  If the  skin barrier system is disturbed, a dysfunctional barrier can lead to breakouts, it leads to (dehydration) transepidermal water loss, sensitivity, pigmentation, inflammation in the skin and premature aging.  

The Goal Of A Barrier Repair Facial

To repair the impaired epidermal barrier function, inflammation has to be reduced and controlled.  Therefore, topical anti-inflammatory actives, antioxidants and lipid actives  will be applied to, reduce inflammation.  Why is this important?  Lipids trap water between cells, stopping water evaporates. 

Because dehydration is one of the leading causes of most skin conditions, to ensure optimal hydration;  moisture binding actives are applied to help water regulation and stop transepidermal water loss  (TEWL).

Finally, a repairing antioxidant mask is applied to bond and seal the actives to the skin with the help of ultrasonic tools.

  • Maintaining and keeping a healthy barrier function is vital to having a more youthful radiant looking skin.

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