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Grapes & Roses Facial

A relaxing multi-step facial to combat hyper-sensitive skin and gently calm inflammation.

Facial treatment rich in vitamin C, amino acids &  botanical plant extracts to hydrate, soften, calm & soothe skin.

This treatment starts with a milk protein cleansing, exfoliation with papaya extract and grapefruit extract to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients.  

To calm and hydrate the skin, antioxidants and peptide serums are applied and gently massaged in with a botanical grape seed and rose oils.. 

A molding rose mask is used in this treatment.  It tones, soothes, firms and hydrates the skin; it’s also has anti-inflammatory, cell regenerating and softening benefits.  

  • 75 minutes                     $90  

  • Add-on Eye Treatment   $20