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Skin Care Consultation

 (Non-Medical Assistance ) 

 As a licensed Esthetician with over 20 years experience, you can be confident you'll receive professional assistants.  In-house skin care products purchases are not necessary to receive the consultations services offered.

Personal Esthetic Services Include But Not Limited To:

  • Private Skin Care Consultation Sessions  
  • Current OTC Skin Care Product Evaluation 
  • Instructions on proper usage of personal beauty tools with skin care products.
  • How to put together a healthy skin care program for skin type & condition
  • How to make seasonal changes to your home care regime.  
  • Skin care product instructional workshop.
  • How to do a glycolic peel at home correctly
  • How to use **cosmeutical products to DIY home spa facial.
  • One week complementary follow-up product instructional workshop 
  • After session email follow-up with personalized home care routine
  • Girls-Night-Out Workshop

 Private Consultation Fee                                      $50.00/hr.
  • In-House Product Purchases voids consultation fee

Follow-up Seasonal Product Change Review      $45.00/hr.

    Schedule your appointment today  803 747-2255  or

    Still Unsure if you should work with a Skin Care Consultant, read the blog below for more information. 

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    Cartoon Skin Care Consultant

    Private Skin Care Evaluation Session

    Step One.

    • Complete Consultation Form
    • For background and history of your skin care routine. 
    • Review current skin care products

     Step Two.

    • Question & Answer Discussion
    • Your skin care concerns and any questions you have will be reviewed and talked about.  

     Step Three

    • Hands On Skin Evaluation -  Skin cleansed to remove surface dirt.  Pore openings, skin moisture level, muscle tone and pigmentation are analyzed.
    • Discuss your skin concerns, the current condition of your skin and explain why. 
    • Demonstrate proper cleansing technique and product application.  

     Step Four

    • Discuss Your Skin Needs & The Best Ingredients to Address Them
    • Discuss in-house products suggestion. 
    • Demonstrate the proper way to apply suggested products, for best results and less product waste. 

    Step Five

    • AM & PM Skin Care Routine Email
    • Follow –up email with instructional step of personal AM & PM skin care routine discussed.

     Step Six

    • Three Day Follow-up of suggested products.
    • Reviews product results or answer in questions. 

     Cartoon Skin care Consultant

    Current Skin Care Product Evaluation 

    Step one.

    Email a list of your current products 24-48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

    Step two.

    Your Appointment—

    First ......A hands-on evaluation of your skin.  Checking pores, elasticity and moisture level

    Next A Discussion About Your Skin & Products

    1. Goals for your skin
    2. Your products selections
    3. Eliminating product duplication
    4. Recommendations for correct ingredients
    5. Tips on how to enhance the results of your skin care products.

    Step three

        Final Evaluation  -  To make sure your products match your skin care target goals. 


    Optional—  E-mail follow-up skin care routine suggestions.