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How many times have you said, “One day I’m going to do something for my skin”?  Don’t put it off any longer.   Consider this popular facial package.

One Day Facial Package

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A Younger You

Thank you for your interest in AYU facial services.  A Younger You Skin Care also offers...

Professional Aesthetics Assistance Services.   

With a Professional Licensed Esthetician With Over 20 Years Experience.

Younger You Skin Care in Aiken, SC offers private skin care workshops from a Licensed Esthetician.

woman image for skin care consulting

Work with a professional skin care specialist to bring your skin to a healthy balance state. 

Have your skin care questions answered and skin care concerns addressed in a relaxed environment..

Hire your very own personal skin care specialist,  learn how to take care of your skin. 


Call 803 747-2255 to schedule your appointment


This non-medical consultation services includes:

  • Hands-on skin evaluation.
  • Evaluation of your current skin care products.
  • Assistance in the creation of a personal healthy aging skin care regime for your skin type                        
  • Instructions on proper usage of personal beauty tools 
  • Teenage skin care instructional hands-on workshops.
  • Private skin care product instructional workshops 
  • Assistance with personal seasonal change skin care regimes. 
  • Mother & Daughter Skin Care Workshop
  • Girls Night Out Group Workshop
  •      " How To Do A Spa Style Facial"
  •       "How To Do Spa Style Facial" 
  •       "How To DIY facial Using Professional Products"
  •        "Dry Body Brushing"
  •         "Anti-Aging Facials" and More 
    Buy Skin Care Products Used By Skin Care Professionals                            
    Professional Aesthesthic Assistant   Preventive skin care takes less time & products to maintain a healthy youthful look.  Don’t wait until you have deep lines, wrinkles around your eyes and wrinkles around your lip area before you taken action. 

    In order for each guest to receive personal attention drop-in services are not available, please call 803 747-2255 to schedule your appointment.

     Neova Copper Peptide Mask